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Juanita Dunlap, the Costume Lady:

Our manager, Juanita Dunlap, started working at Eastern Costume in September of 1981. Thirty years ago, she gave up driving a school bus for this world of dress-up. Juanita's high school home-ec teacher told her to find a new hobby, because her sewing abilities would never get her anywhere in life; if only she could see her now. A good friend encouraged Juanita's interest in sewing, and a lot of self-teaching and hardwork made her the seamstress she is today. At Eastern Costume we have over 35,000 costumes designed, made, or searched for by Juanita and staff.

It is common now for someone to come in and the Costume Lady had dressed their parents, or even grandparents. Eastern Costume and Juanita have become a Greensboro staple. In 2009, we moved from North Elm Street to our current Commerce Place location. But, two things have not changed: the Costume Lady is still running the place, and we still have a great costume for any occasion.